Intuition and Psychic Development

This immersive 6 week course, takes you deep into uncovering your own innate psychic and intuitive abilities, giving you the power to live your life by design.

Tuning In

Intuition and Psychic Development

This 6 week course, includes weekly video lessons, PDF materials, bonus content, live session replays, messenger support between sessions and lifetime access to course content.

I'm pulling together all my teachings for connecting to and strengthening your intuition and going deeper into your psychic development.

We're all intuitive and we're all psychic!

This course will teach you how to get the guidance and answers from WITHIN rather than feeling like you need to search outside of yourself.


✦ We'll be talking about being an Empath, what that means, energy protection and how to allow this gift to best serve you!

✦ You'll also learn how to intuitively read Tarot the easy way, no more trying to memorize all 78 cards!

✦ And how to muscle test and use a pendulum for quick and easy access to your subconscious mind and Higher Self.

Please reach out with ANY questions you have!

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Course Curriculum

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Your Guide

Hi! I'm Kaci, an Intuitive Energy Healer, Reader, Coach and Artist.

My specialty is empowering women to tap into their own unique gifts so they can move through life with more ease, clarity and magic!

What clients are saying...

Intuitive doesn’t even begin to describe Kaci and her gifts. She is absolutely amazing and has already helped me more than anyone could imagine.

Seeing and believing that reaching my potential is a possibility has opened me up to so much more.

Thank you Kaci!! You’re the best!!!!

-Melissa M. 



Kaci has been phenomenal in helping me along my journey of self discovery and empowerment. She helped me get “unstuck” from old negative patterns and beliefs. I highly recommend Kaci if you are ready to break chains and release what holds you back and to begin work towards welcoming positivity and abundance to your life.

-Jesikah G.



Kaci, Is so so good at what she does and at teaching it to others.

Her Tuning In course is truly life changing. I have learned so much and been able to utilize the skills I learned in my life to become more intune with my self, source and the universe.

I am also a member of her Soul Dive Sisterhood that meets weekly. I love being able to connect with other women that share my beliefs and are on the same journey as me.

If I had to explain Kaci's classes/work in one word it would be TRANSFORMATIVE!!

-Heather H.



Kaci is phenomenal.  She generously shares her skills and knowledge is an environment that is safe and respectful.  My quest for a consistently peaceful life has been enhanced by my work with Kaci.

-Teresa J.



Kaci is absolutely amazing! Her skills, ability to connect and lessons are on point. I'm so thankful to have found her!

Bonus:  she's very down to earth and is such a bright light

-Ryan R.



Kaci was spot on In the reading for not knowing anything about me. She is very pleasant and easy to talk to and extremely professional. I’ll def be using her again thank you kaci love and light.

-Cindy K.



I’ve had several session with Kaci and they have all been extremely thorough and helpful.  She has always been open to answering any questions I have before and after each session, sometimes during as well depending on what our session is about. And I ask a lot of questions!  I leave each interaction feeling lighter and more in-tuned to my inner power and self.  She has helped me significantly with my journey on my path of enlightenment and knowledge with my higher self.  From her art, to the sound healing, reiki sessions, her readings and coaching, I’ve never left a session feeling disappointed. Her positive outlook and personality is infectious, and is a true gem to work with. I look forward to continue learning and growing with her guidance and aid.

-Heidi L.



Kaci shares her gifts of intuition with me —often on days when it helps to turn the tide of my wavering belief.

Her card readings have been spot on and helped mark stages in my journey towards faith.

I highly recommend her skills, love, and light.

-Alexis B.



Kaci is a nurse and very educated about the mind and body.  She is gifted in helping people with their journey and reaching their goals and dreams.  Also, in seeing the path ahead more clearly.  I highly recommend Kaci and love her caring heart.

-Laurie S.



I have had a reading by Kaci and also had her do a meditation for me. She makes the time and takes the time for each person so you know you have her complete attention.

She is very generous with her gift and time. So much that I gifted my adult daughter a reading as well. Finding Kaci was a gift!!

-Leslee E.



Kaci is wonderful and her readings, intuitive nature,  everything she does is spot on. meditation and sound are so very helpful as well. You won't be disappointed!!

-Lynn M. 



I worked with Kaci in the group program Unlocking Who I Am and it was really great. I would definitely recommend it.

-Janice S.



Kaci is amazing! Her advice and suggestions are solid - based on proven science and intuition. I love the card readings. They are always spot on and give good guidance. I am so lucky to have found her.

-Jennifer B.



Kaci has a gift and she uses it to provide interpretative guidance to those who seek a deeper connection to their guides and purpose. She gives of herself so others can know themselves better.

I am very happy with the work she has done with me and I highly recommend her.

-Carol C.



Kaci is an amazing woman and truly knows what she is teaching and sharing.

-Coleen H.



Kaci I've just been getting to know by everything she has done for me, and I couldn't recommend a better person. If you are needing any type of guidance in any area of your life she is the person to see!

-Ashlee W.



I've learned so much from the Soul Dive Sisterhood meetings and gain comfort from having other women to discuss issues I'm working on to improve myself. I love learning about the chakras and how to do reiki. I try and practice it regularly. I feel it has helped me learn more self awareness and improve my self-esteem. I love that I can listen to the sessions over and over as I need to hear them. I always hear something I need. Thank you for providing this service Kaci.

-Barb C.



I believe I have been with Kaci since she started her Soul Dive Sessions. I can’t always make them live, but feel it’s a commitment to myself for growth. The sessions have definitely helped me release old patterns that no longer serve me. I love the group and the singing bowls. Love you Kaci ! Thanks for all you do.

-Debi K.



I am so glad I joined Soul Dive Sisterhood. The sessions are so helpful and the support of the other members is so special. Thank you, Kaci.

-Janice S.